Show The Film

The Bridge Rising is available to hire for film club and local campaign meetings.

You can rent the film from media co-op to show anywhere.

Film rental costs £150 for a DCP and £100 for Blu ray or DVD

If you are charging for tickets, film rental is 50% of the net box office take (if this is higher than the rental fee). Please contact Cat Robertson on 0141 551 9813.

If you are in Scotland, you can rent the film through your Take One Action Locals group.

Contact Tamara van Strijthem on 0131 553 6335 at Take One Action.

If you are in Canada or North America you can rent the film through Simple Films.

Contact Stuart Cresswell on +1-902-701-2483 at Simple Films

When you rent the film we'll supply you with

  • a large format poster and/or A4 posters to help promote the film in local shops, the library etc; and
  • a Discussion Pack to help facilitate post-film discussions

... and promote your screening on The Bridge Rising and media co-op Facebook pages and Twitter.